Yummy banana, oat and PB pancakes!!

YUMMMMM!! These are so delicious! I feel like I am having a treat when I eat them!! Try them out and see what you think!! Whole food goodness!! Mmmm Mmmmm Good!! I burnt mine a little because I ike them that way, but cook to your liking!! Ingredients (10-15 pancakes) 1.5 cups rolled oats, 1 1/4 cup mashed ripe banana … Read More

Accept it’s a journey and not a quick fix!!

People are giving up because they are trying fad diets and supplements for a quick fix. Changing your life and habits around health and wellness is not an overnight change. If most people put together all the times, effort and hours they tried to “diet” it would be years….so make the right choice in taking small steps towards changing your … Read More

Come Ride with me this week!! Pick your time to get your sweat on!

  Clock here to see my Cycle Beats Playlist! Here’s some of my cycle beats for this week’s profile! Click on “workout” at the top of my page and come see me in action, and take an awesome cycling class! I always promise a great workout and high energy! Cycling benefits include muscular endurance, low impact, burn a ton of … Read More

Staying Hydrated!! Especially During the Holidays!

Just thinking about the holidays and all of the scrumptious food that surrounds you, can make anyone hungry! It is a common mistake to think you’re hungry, (especially when surrounded by all of those holiday treats) when you’re really just thirsty! See below to learn more about hydration, and why it is so important! Water; the single most important nutrient … Read More