Today’s Cycling Class

Today’s cycling class at Cherry Creek Athletic club was a total hit! Riders were challenged to ride at different RPM’s for varying lengths of time. We built a cadence pyramid and at each interval added as much resistance as the rider could handle while still maintaining the given RPM. They absolutely loved the challenge! We get so comfortable riding in such a small window, that when we branch out of our conmfort zone, it feels un-natural. This profile is so great because it really challenges the rider to become comfortable with different RPM’s then they’re used to riding at. See the profile below.

Apply as much tension as possible while still maintaing RPM’s with fluid circles. Rider can choose to stay seated or stand, but wither way, needs to maintain RPM’s.

Warm up for 8 minutes. Have riders ride for 30 seconds each at 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100 RPM’s…allow them to play with it and get an idea of how much resistance they can handle.

Pyramid: (In between each interval is a recovery. Instructor can choose between 1 minute or 1:30). Note: this profile will go a little over 60 minutes if you come all the way back down the ladder. You can shorten the intervals on the way down to not go over a 60 minute class.

Up the ladder: 7 min @ 75rpm, 6 min @ 80rpm, 5 min @ 85rpm, 4 min @ 90rpm, 3 min @ 95rpm, 2 min @ 100rpm.

Down the ladder: 2 min @ 100rpm, 3 min @ 95rpm, 4 min @ 90rpm, 5 min @ 85rpm, 6 min @ 80rpm, 7 min @ 75rpm.

Cool Down

I got amazing compliments on this profile. Rider’s told me they loved the challenge of the higher RPM’s. Because my class had to be shortened, on the way down the ladder, I had riders do each RPM for 2 minutes…which is an option for a shorter class.

Rock on!!!

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