Cycling in honor of my dad’s life


Today’s cycling class was so emotional! My father was such an artistic, creative, loving man. I truly think about him every single day, and miss his smile, his massages, his corkiness, everything about him! His Birthday was yesterday, December 6th, and today’s cycling ride was to celebrate his life, and all of the love and creativity he brought to those around him.

I told the class about him, and how he passed away 6 years ago from blood and bone cancer. I explained how he fought until the very end. I asked riders to pick a loved one who fought for their lives, or to pick something they personally have fought hard to accomplish, and to keep this in mind throughout the ride. The goal was to have them fight through this challenging ride until the very end.

It was a 90 minute endurance ride using all of the songs my father loved….mostly the Beatles and the Eagles. We had 4 intervals of 16 minute rolling hills. We started on a 16 minute flat, increasing resistance every 4 minutes and increasing our watts by 1 or 2 at the same time. The flat ascended into a hill climb where it would slow down the riders legs….and for the next 16 minutes we did the same increase of resistance and watts every 4 minutes…..we stood for 1 minute each resistance change. Every 4 minutes, the rider had to work a little bit harder to maintain the higher wattage. At the end of the 32 minute flat to hill climb, we descended for 1 minute at 100 RPM, flushing out the legs….then we repeated the whole segment.

It is such an amazing feeling when the entire class is vibing and riding together for a purpose… like no other. Congrats to my riders for finishing this challenging ride!!

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