Friendly Foods For When You’re on the Go!!

As many of you probably know, I eat all day long, possibly even every hour and a half!! With the amount of activity I am doing (I just picked up bouldering/rock climbing…yes my body is kiling me from it) I need to re-fuel all of the time! Always being on the go makes it difficult to eat all the time. you can be sure (like I tell all of you to do) I ALWAYS have snacks in my gym bag. Whether it be nuts, a piece of fruit, a natural protein bar, a protein shake, you name it, I probably have it. The nuts I am newly obsessed with I found at Trader Joe’s, they are absolutely delicious! Truffle Marcona almonds and Rosemary Marcona Almonds! Be careful, because you might want to eat the entire bag! I am sure some of you are on the go a lot as well, so I thought I would enlighten you to some of the snacks that are travel friendly. Here we go!

My new obsession, Marcona truffle and rosemary almonds. 1/4 cup serving is about 170 calories, so make sure to measure out and put in a baggy. Pair it with a clementine or an apple, amazing!!

A packet of Organic Tera’s Whey protein powder, usually you can find it at Whole Foods. I love this mixed with unsweetened almond milk, stevia, and cinnamon, but when you’re on the go, mixing it with water is just as good!

Low Sugar Kind Bar….Yes, they may have higher calories than some, but it is all natural, good fat deliciousness! Helps with a sweet tooth craving as well! It weighs in at 200 calories, but when you’re in a bind, it works perfectly.

Quest Bars. Some of them do contain sucralose which I am not the biggest fan of, and it irritates my stomach, but some of them have stevia instead, and those are the ones to grab! Packed with high protein (20-21 grams per bar) these bars are very filling and very satisfying for a meal on the go! If you cannot find whole foods, this is a good alternate for something quick and delicous!

An amazing pre workout snack to carry with you: a small banana paired with the prepacked servings of peanut butter. They now sell them in single servings, so it is easier to throw in your bag! The combination of the carbohydrate from the banana and the protein from the peanut butter, is sure to fuel your workout!

Oh, and eventhough it is not an on the go friendly option, I have to mention this amazing guiltness dip found at Trader Joe’s. Spinach and Kale Greek Yogurt Dip. I am literally crazy about it. With only 30 calories per 2 tbsp, and 1 gram of carbohydrate, this is the perfect dip to pair with any crunchy veggies you can get your hands on! Happy Munching!!!

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